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Posted on 14 November 2010 by admin

What is TACA in Autism Treatment

Let me tell you about TACA, Talk About Curing Autism. If you go to their website at, this is an organization that was started by an individual by the name of Lisa Ackerman. Now Lisa is an amazing individual for what she has done for the Autism community, what she continues to do, and the information she has stood for. She has been a champion of parents all over the United States as well as all over the world who are struggling for autism treatment not only with their kids being diagnosed with Autism but how to get them treated. She is a huge advocate of biomedicine, which is an area that I have been involved with now for many years.

I have done a lot of work with TACA from giving lectures at parent support groups, supporting them by referring parents to them for their support. I love TACA from the standpoint that it’s run by parents who have Autistic kids who are doing the types of therapies that I have implemented in my autism treatment practice now for many, many years. So if you are an individual who just needs some added help, who needs some added support, the people at TACA are wonderful. They are just waiting, really, for your phone call to lend their helping hand for autism treatment. So, I highly recommend this organization, you won’t be disappointed with the information they have. And it may just be, in your local area, that they have a support group you can become affiliated with and get linked up with other parents really in your area who are really doing many of the same types of things you are looking to do. Whether it is educational therapy, understanding things about the school district, how to implement different types of biomedical therapies. So again,, check them out.

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"When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism 3 years ago I would have done anything to have something like the Autism Action Plan to turn to. Doctors diagnose your child like she has a cold and give you no information on what it is or how to help your child. I spent the first year after my daughter was diagnosed researching anything and everything I could about autism. I didn't find even a fraction of the information that is provided in Autism Action Plan. Everything is all right there, current research and therapies, the ability to talk with other parents dealing with the same struggles you face, and most importantly, direct contact with a caring doctor who has dedicated his career to treating our children. Whenever I meet anyone who has or knows a child with autism, I tell them about this wonderful service and encourage them to get plugged in. It is a valuble resource for parents and we are very thankful for it."
Erin M.